Mental Health Lowdown was set up by Erin Macauley as an online space to share her views and opinions on all things mental health. Living with major depression, anxiety and inattentive ADD, Erin believes sharing lived experience genuinely benefits other people. As a qualified Registered Nurse, Erin is passionate about mental health and has worked with industry leaders from all over the world since stepping into this arena.

As a mental health advocate, Erin uses her personal story and journey to connect with those who are currently struggling. She is also a contributing writer for The Mighty. In addition to her story been published overseas in a psychologists’ blog, she has appeared in numerous interviews in the United States to raise global awareness.

In 2017 Erin was a founding team member for a global suicide prevention campaign called the Sixty Second Challenge. Working with leaders in mental health from around the world as well as global mental health charities, Erin was able to further her involvement in the field.

Besides blogging, she also volunteers as the Co-Director for Advocacy for We Are All A Little ‘Crazy’, a mental health nonprofit based in New York.


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